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Planning to leave America? Here is why you should add Australia to your shortlist

With the outcome of last year’s election, we saw many people thinking about leaving America. The number of Google searches by Americans asking, “how to move to another country” continue to rise. If you have been looking outward and wondering if it is time to venture overseas for good, chances are that you have been researching potential countries that you’d like to call home. We’ve put together a few reasons why you should add Australia to your shortlist.
Australia is a vibrant multicultural country, with a population of 24.3 million and one of the world’s strongest economies. As home to the sixth largest American population in the world, there is no doubt Australia is regarded as a great place to live, work and raise a family. But what exactly makes Australia so worthwhile to be added to your shortlist?

Employment Opportunities

Australia has a shortage of skilled labour in many professional and trade occupations. That makes Australia a great place for employment opportunities. The Skilled Migration program is designed to attract skilled professionals from overseas to settle and work in Australia. In 2015-16, the Department of Immigration issued 128,550 permanent visas under the professional skilled migration program, and another 85,611 temporary work visas.

Easy to run a business

Ever thought about expanding your business overseas or even starting your own business from scratch in another country?
Ranked fifth in the Index of Economic Freedom, Australia’s government provides multinational companies with a safe and secure business environment. This well-regulated and transparent commercial environment makes it easy to establish and operate a business in Australia. Over 22,000 foreign companies are registered in Australia today.

Work-Life Balance

Flexibility in working hours, the ability to time-bank, work from home or work without disrupting the home life, are some of the benefits of the Australian work-life balance. We know that work is important, but we also know that relaxation and time with family and friends is an essential part of Australian way of life.

How we can help

Australian Immigration law can be quite complex, and it takes time to research what will be required, per your individual needs. As a registered migration agent, we have the necessary skills to navigate this complex system and support you during the whole process.
Our initial consultation is free of charge. Contact us or call +61 2 9262 4707 for a full assessment of your current situation to determine the best pathway and visa option for you.

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