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Immigration provides different paths for people who want to own and manage a new or existing business in Australia. One path is to establish a business in Australia and become a Standard Business Sponsor.

We are specialists in Standard Business Sponsorship with many successful business cases.

Even a new start-up business is allowed to become a Standard Business Sponsorship providing that there is evidence that your business is operating, even if this has been for only a very short period of time.

The Process



To be approved as a Standard Business Sponsorship, you need to:

  • legally establish a business in Australia,
  • demonstrate that you are taking steps towards a start to trading, and
  • demonstrate your commitment toward training Australian employees.

To legally establish a business, you will need to register an Australian Business Number and / or an Australian Company number.

As a new business, you can provide evidence of operation by showing a detailed business plan, lease agreements, contracts to provide goods or services, evidence of advertising and marketing, and other such business information.

We will provide guidance throughout the whole process including the gathering of relevant evidence that demonstrates your business is moving towards a start of trading.

We will also identify the best way for your business to meet the Department of Immigration training requirements.



Once the Standard Business Sponsorship is approved, the next step is to nominate the employee who will be sponsored by your business.

A relevant occupation from the skilled migration list will be selected to fulfil the position and we will provide guidance to identify salary, market rates, employment contracts and job descriptions in accordance to immigration requirements.


Once the nomination is approved, we will complete the visa application.

Part of this process includes providing the Department of Immigration with evidence that the nominated employee is fit for the position and possesses the correct qualifications and level of English required.

We will advise on the applicant’s resume and provide guidance for other immigration requirements such as medical exams.

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