Australia Inventions – Innovation and the Research Sector

From top inventions such as the black box flight recorder, Wi-Fi technology and Google Maps to children’s toys like the hula-hoop and everyday use items such as refrigerators and power boards, Australian inventions have improved the lives of millions of people worldwide.

Australia’s research institutions are among the best in the world with scientists collaborating in many fields throughout Australia and internationally. Despite recent changes to work visas, Australia maintains a commitment to attract the best and brightest researchers from all over the world. Read more

Top Industries to Operate a Business in Australia

Australian Industries
With a proven track records of growth, Australia continues to be an attractive and dynamic investment destination. Australia is the 13th largest economy in the world and fifth in the world for economic freedom.  According to the World Bank Group, Doing Business 2017: Equal Opportunity for All report, Australia ranked 15th out of 190 economies for easy of doing business and one of the fastest places in the world in which to start a new business –  it can take just three days.

If you are serious about bringing your overseas business to Australia, or simply starting a new business down under, it is important to have a close look at Australian top industries, and identify the fast-growing sectors where you should be investing on. Read more